Receptionist finds eastern brown snake hiding in office printer at Windsor Toyota dealership

Receptionist almost grabs a deadly eastern brown serpent inside her office printer, thinking it was a joke.

  • An eastern brown snake was discovered in a printer at a Toyota dealership near Sydney
  • Snake catches used long hooks to get the reptile out the paper tray of the printer.
  • The Eastern Brown Snake is the second-most venomous snake in the world
  • The species is responsible for the most snake-bite deaths in Australia each year

After discovering one of the most deadly snakes in the world, a receptionist was shocked. 

Jade Bowen was refilling her printer paper at Windsor Toyota in Sydney’s North West on Monday when she noticed a snake within the paper tray. 

Ms Bowen thought that Joel Aquilina, her office prankster, had put a rubber snake in the printer to make a joke of it and that she was going to get rid of it.  

A Sydney Toyota receptionist found an eastern brown snake in the printer paper drawer (pictured)

Snake Catches tried to coax the reptile out of the printer by using a long snake hook (pictured)

The paper draw at the office printer was found by a Sydney Toyota receptionist. It contained an eastern brown snake. Professional snake catchers used a long snake hook (left and right).

However she began to shake when she realised the reptile was a real eastern brown  – the second most venomous snake in the world.

The dealership immediately called Australian Snake Catchers to get help. 

Sean Cade, professional snake catcher, moved the whole printer to the exterior of the building before extracting the reptile. 

Video shared by the company on Tuesday shows Mr Cade opening the paper drawing and using a long snake hook in order to move the snake from hiding. 

Toyota employees can be heard exclaiming, “Oh my god!” as more of the snake approaches. 

Then, Mr Cade can be seen hooking the snake at the back of the printer and then grabbing its tail. 

As Mr. Cade pulls the snake of a metre length out of the printer, you can hear him saying, “It’s bigger that you think.” 

The video was captioned by the Australian Snake Catchers, “All is well that end well.”  

“This could have resulted in a dangerous and different outcome.” Lottery Ticket Required. 

Professional snake catcher Sean Cade hooked the one-metre long snake before grabbing its tail and pulling it out from the back of the printer (pictured)

Sean Cade, a professional snake-catcher, hooked the snake that measured one metre in length before pulling its tail out of the printer’s back (pictured).

Ms Bowen’s colleague Joel Aquilina said he believed the snake had been at the business for 10 days. 

“It’s crazy… some cleaners told us they saw a snake, but we couldn’t find it,” Mr Aquilina said to the Hawkesbury Gazette.

The Used Car Assistant Manager stated that the dealership is not the place to expect to see a snake despite its location backing onto bushland. 

“We get rodents, mice and rats.” But, if one walked through here, they wouldn’t believe the snake was in a printer. We’ve been printing paper off for years,’ Mr Aquilina explained.

This video has been liked more than 200 times, and many people comment that Ms Bowen is deserving of a day off. 

One user wrote, “I bet the poor receptionist would have a panic attack each time she opens the paper tray from now,” 

Another commented, “They would have done a Toyota jump, but not from a feeling of a new vehicle, that’s for certain.”

‘They [snakes] A third shared some of their crazy ideas for where they would like to take a break,’ she wrote. 

Windsor Toyota (pictured) used car assistant manager said the property was the last place you would think to find a brown snake

Windsor Toyota (pictured): The property is where the used car assistant manager at Windsor Toyota said that he would not think of finding a brown snake.

A fourth person joked, “What’s a printer error code for an EB?” [Eastern Brown]?’ 

The common brown snake is also known as the Eastern brown snake. It’s native to southern New Guinea and eastern Australia. 

The inland taipan is considered the second-venomous snake, with an untreated bite able to kill an adult within half an hour. 

It is responsible for 60 percent of the snake-bite deaths in Australia each year. 

Although they are often found in woodlands and shrublands, eastern brown snakes can be seen frequently in densely populated areas. They will strike if they feel threatened or surprised. 

Cade advised people to avoid any snakes that they see.


Pictured: eastern brown snake

Pictured: An eastern brown snake

The eastern brown snake, also called the common brown serpent, is found in eastern and central Australia. They can also be found south of New Guinea.  

The adult eastern brown snakes are slim and can reach 2 meters in length. 

It can be a pale brown or black colour on its surface, and a pale cream-yellow underside with often orange or gray splotches.  

Considered to be the second-venomous snake on the planet, after the inland Taipan. A bite can kill an individual in under half an hour. 

The species is responsible for about 60 per cent of human snake-bite deaths  in Australia

Signs and symptoms of a brown serpent bite:  

Hypotension and collapse, thrombotic Microangiopathy, severe hemorhage and cardiac arrest are all examples of systemic envenoming 

 Other symptoms include nausea and vomiting, diaphoresis, abdominal pain, acute kidney injury, seizures, and stomach cramps.

Symptoms can be rapid with collapse occurring as little as two minutes after being bitten while headache develops in 15 minutes and clotting abnormalities within 30 minutes.

Apply pressure to the area being bitten and immediately call an ambulance.


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