Computer Accessories: Printers

Even though you have been staring at your computer screen for several hours, the presentation is still not complete. You are now tired of staring at the screen so much. What are you going to do? Print it! Print it! It’s easier to see the printed copy. It is likely that you already have one at home. They are handy and extremely useful. It is an indispensable accessory to your computer.

There are three main types: laser, inkjet, and impact printers. There are three types of computer printers. This is largely determined by how ink is applied from printer to paper.

The inkjet printer is perhaps the most popular of all three. It’s easy to use and lasts for many years without much maintenance. The device prints by simply spraying small balls of ink onto paper or another printing surface. The device can produce high quality output without the need for a toner cartridge. It is also very affordable. Hewlett Packard is one of the manufacturers of inkjet printing machines. Lexmark and Canon are also among them.

Although the laser printer is more expensive than inkjet, it produces a much higher quality output. The laser printer uses a laser beam or LED technology to transfer the image onto paper. The printer’s toner is what takes the particles. Lasers are highly recommended for workplaces because they can handle large workloads. Lasers can print 20 pages per minute.

Monochrome lasers print only one color. Most often, this is black. You will need a color laser to print color. This printer is different than an inkjet printer. It can print both monochrome as well as color. Monochrome lasers cost about $100, while color lasers can be purchased for around $200. Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, and Dell are the major manufacturers.

While the initial cost of a laser printer may be higher, it is possible to get replacement ink cartridges that are much more expensive. You can also refill your cartridges.

We will end our discussion with the impact printer. It is almost obsolete. These printers were extremely popular in the past, but they were soon replaced by inkjets. They use a pin and an ink ribbon to print. The ink ribbon is pressed onto the paper by the pins. Each dot makes a character, while several dots make a dot. The printer is loud due to its forcible action. It also runs slower than other printers. The dot matrix is the oldest impact printer still in use. It is used to print multi-copy forms or invoices.

First, determine if you will need color printing. Next, compare print quality, speed and resolution and other criteria to make an informed decision based upon your needs.

Source: Carlyn McKinley

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