CHITUBOX Resin Material Alliance (RMA): A Transformative Force in the Resin 3D Printing Industry

Resin 3D printer specialist CHITUBOX launched the Resin Material Alliance, an integrated digital platform that combines a comprehensive library of resins with pre-processing profiles and slicing profile for resin 3D print.   

In recent years the 3D-printing industry has experienced a rapid growth, with 3D-printing being used in diverse fields, such as jewelry, miniatures, and the space industry. In these verticals resin-based 3D printers, including SLA, DLP, and LCD systems, have become the most popular technologies. 

CHITUBOX identified a number problems relating resins and standards that pose a challenge for users and businesses. To solve these problems, it is important to improve how users manage 3D print profiles and test them, particularly for new resins. It is also crucial that resin brands optimize the after-sales support.

3D printing applications. Image via CHITUBOX.
Image via CHITUBOX. Image via CHITUBOX.

CHITUBOX argues the need for industry leaders to innovate in the way that users manage 3D print profiles. These profiles shouldn’t be a hindrance to resin 3D printers. CHITUBOX also highlights the need for users to have access to 3D printing profiles that are verified and standardized, allowing more time to be spent on creation rather than resin testing. Finaly, CHITUBOX highlights the need for resin brands to provide comprehensive guides to users and to pay more attention to customer feedback.

CHITUBOX’s new Resin Material Alliance

In order to overcome these challenges, CHITUBOX has developed a comprehensive platform called RMA. CHITUBOX collaborated on this project with 3D printer and resin brands around the world, as well as users and partners from across the industry.

After two years of development the RMA will soon be released to the market. Over 19 brands have joined the platform already, offering over 1200 material profile for more than 120 resin types. 

The RMA provides access to resin profiles and information from 3D printers and resin brands. It also offers online profile management and instant profile applications. The RMA works in conjunction with CHITUBOX’s slicing software, with users able to use the library to search for and sync material profiles straight into their slicing software. With the RMA, CHITUBOX aims to make users’ management of 3D printing profiles more convenient, whilst helping resin brands handle customer feedback more efficiently.  

RMA enables easy access to profiles. Image via CHITUBOX.
RMA provides easy access profiles. Image via CHITUBOX.

What challenges is the RMA designed to solve?

CHITUBOX highlights that the users lack a basic understanding of resin properties and their ability to access updated printing profiles due to a dearth of reliable information. In order to find the best profile, users often have to 3D Print their desired parts several times, which can lead to unnecessary 3D Print failures. This can lead to unnecessary time and money expenditures. 

RMA’s website provides a wealth of property information and search options. Search by keyword or material type to find useful information, such as the properties of resin, compatible printers and printing profiles. Users can select the desired profiles and apply them in one click. They can also customize their own profiles according to standard profiles.

The RMA includes abundant search options. Image via CHITUBOX.
The RMA has a wide range of search options. Image via CHITUBOX.

CHITUBOX also highlights the fact that users are often forced to waste time when 3D printing profiles to manage and share them in a traditional way, like via USB sticks. CHITUBOX considers this neither efficient nor convenient.  

Users can customize and share their 3D Printing Profiles online using the RMA platform. My Materials allows users to share their 3D printing profiles by providing friends with access codes. RMA has been enhanced with cloud storage. Users can easily access 3D print profiles stored on the cloud.     

The RMA offers online profile management capabilities. Image via CHITUBOX.
The RMA has online management tools for profiles. Image via CHITUBOX.

CHITUBOX has also noted that resin brands have too much on their plate to be able to update 3D printer profiles or respond to customers’ feedback. Adding a bigger support team may improve the after-sales experience, but it would also add significant financial burden. It is a dilemma that resin brands face, which hinders the development of their businesses.

Contact and product information on the RMA webpage can satisfy most users’ after-sale needs. Users can solve problems with 3D printing profiles and information without consulting experts from resin brands. Users can also provide feedback to resin brands via the RMA Discord or Facebook channels. RMA streamlines communications between both parties, reducing complaints and improving customer experience.

The RMA’s standardized profiles. Image via CHITUBOX.
The RMA’s standardized profiles. Image via CHITUBOX.

Overall, the RMA serves as a tool to optimize users’ 3D printing experience and as a reliable bridge between the users and the resin brands, streamlining the communication process for both sides. The RMA seeks to offer a full-process solution to the resin 3D printing industry, bolstering the industry’s ongoing growth.

Prospective customers can learn more about the RMA, and CHITUBOX’s other offerings, via the company’s official Discord, blog, and resin web page.   

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Featured image shows CHITUBOX’s Resin Material Alliance in action. Image via CHITUBOX.

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