Canon Printers Expose WiFi Details

  • Canon has warned its users about a security problem in nearly 200 models.
  • The bug may expose network information such as passwords, network names, MAC addresses and network types (WPA2/3, etc.).The bug can expose network details such as password, network SSID, MAC address and type of network (WPA2/3, etc.).
  • You can fix this problem by reading on.

Canon has warned about security issues arising from a vulnerability in its inkjet printing devices. The Japanese company warned users that WiFi settings in the printers would not be deleted even if they factory reset the device.

The sensitive WiFi settings can potentially compromise user privacy, and even impact data security if the printer’s memory is harvested unintentionally by someone who resets it.

Users are advised to remove WiFi settings manually before disposing inkjet printers or sending them in for repair. This will prevent accidentally exposing information such as password, network SSIDs, MAC addresses, network types (WPA2/3,etc.).), IP address, and more.

There are 196 affected models. These include inkjets, business inkjets, large-format printers, and models from the E, GX and PRO series. List of affected models Here is a link to the articleOpens in a new tab