Top 5 Videos: The First Patient in Louisiana Receives a 3D Printed, Custom-Fit Cast

Custom made 3D-printed cast

Sunday is here, so it is time for the week’s top 5 3D printing videos! First up, don’t miss this video about seventeen-year-old Serenity, who broke her arm riding an ATV; luckily for her, a custom 3D-printed cast potentially saved her from amputation! Next, we look at a video that looks at manufacturing in 2050. This video shows how technology and automation will change in the future. Then, we take a closer look at Relativity Space’s recent Terran 1 rocket launch from a different angle and seek to understand how a children’s hospital in Barcelona is using 3D printing to help tackle Pediatric disease. We also share a guide for exporting high-quality STL files. Happy Sunday and, as always, happy viewing!

Top 1:  First Louisiana Patient Receives 3D Printed, Custom-Fit Cast

Innovative medical technologies can accelerate your recovery if you have broken a bone. You will find a 3D-printed, lightweight cast made just for you. Serenity Cheramie is an adventurous character. She enjoys laughing and having fun with her friends, but this began to cause problems a year back. Cheramie, 17, explains. “I was on an ATV and traveling too fast. Me and my buddies spotted like a hole in the ground and she turned the wheel this way and I turned the wheel that way and we flipped.” Two broken bones and a large-open tissue lesion were some of the traumatizing injuries that occurred to her arm in the aftermath. She was taken to New Orleans’ Children’s Hospital, where she was the first patient in Louisiana to receive a custom 3D-printed cast tailored perfectly to fit her arm. The video below tells the whole story.

Top 2:  How Technology and Automation Will Transform the Industry in 2050.

This video will examine the potential manufacturing landscape for 2050.  The manufacturing sector is a large sector that will be subject to major changes due to technological advances and increasing automation. This article examines the latest developments in the manufacturing industry such as additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence.  This is an important topic for discussion. Automation is increasing the risk of job displacement. Retraining and education are also required. You can see how many industrial companies are using renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable.

Top 3: Terran 1 ASMR First Launch

From a 3D printing lab facility on earth into the dark cosmic atmosphere, the Terran 1 launch demonstrated Relativity’s 3D-printed rocket capabilities, which will be used in Terran R, the company’s next project. The demonstration wasn’t only visually stunning; it was productive and substantial. This is evidenced by the fully-3D printed rocket’s ability to surpass the Max-Q stress state milestone. Their cutting-edge additive manufacturing strategy is supported by this achievement. It was a great victory and watch, with many firsts in history. As Terran 1 launches into space, listen to the sounds. The video below shows the launch.

Top 4: Barcelona Children’s Hospital Embraces 3D Printing to Tackle Pediatric Disease

Sant Joan De Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital utilizes innovative 3D printing technology to promote scientific research and therapies for pediatric disorders, placing it at the forefront of European pediatric cancer research. The hospital has streamlined its procedures, reduced the risk of complicated surgeries and improved its overall performance. They use the Stratasys MediJet 3D printer to make accurate anatomical models for presurgery preparation. Watch this video to see how 3D printing technology saved a nine-year-old girl with a complicated cancer.

Top 5: How to Export High Quality STL Files

The video outlines the tale of two 3D-printed components, one of which has a flawlessly smooth finish while the other simply doesn’t. Why does one appear different from the other if they were both made using the same model? This seems to be entirely CAD-related. How well parts turn out can be affected by the export settings that you select for your STL files. Austin Vojta is a print systems engineer and can be consulted for guidance. Austin shows how Fusion 360 can export high-quality STL files. He provides all necessary information before you can transfer your project to Eiger and print it!

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