Top 5 videos: Exclusive Interview with the President of Women in 3D Printing

The top 5 videos will take you through an exciting journey into the world of 3D Printing! We begin with an interview of Kristin Mulherin as the President of Women in 3D Printing. She shares her valuable insights about the various initiatives of the business. Then, brace yourself for the remarkable initiative by the Cleveland Public Library, where they’re using their 3D printers to produce face shields for first responders, making a significant impact during these challenging times. Explore the 3D-printed accessories that will simplify your farming and the best budget 3D Printers for 2023. These are perfect for both beginners and experts. Don’t miss out on these captivating videos that showcase the limitless possibilities of 3D printing! Have a great Sunday!

Top 1: Talk3D with Kristen Mulherin

In our latest #TALK3D, we sat down with Kristin Mulherin, President of Women in 3D Printing, to learn more about the non-profit organization and its several initiatives to promote the presence of women in the industry. Mulherin expresses, “Twenty years ago when I first started in manufacturing, you had to try to conform to be more masculine. Whereas now, you can maintain femininity and be taken seriously in the Industry.” The full interview is below. You can get more insights on the changing gender dynamics in the industry, and the increasing role of women within 3D printing.

Top 2: Cleveland Public Library’s 3D Printed Services

Cleveland Public Library offers a range of 3D print services to dispel any doubts surrounding 3D printing. In a remarkable initiative, Tech Central at the library’s Louis Stokes Wing has embarked on a mission to produce 2,000 face shields for first responders in collaboration with the Cleveland Department of Public Safety. These vital supplies will help the police, firefighters and EMS personnel as well as paramedics and EMTs at local airports. Amidst the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, CPL’s executive director/CEO, Felton Thomas Jr., emphasized the library’s commitment to supporting those bravely combating the virus. By using their 3D printers and partnering with the city and Lowe’s for materials, the library is making a valuable contribution to the front lines of this crisis.

Top 3: 3D-printed accessories for farm animals

3D-printing technology can revolutionize the way you farm. Printing practical tools and accessories will simplify your beekeeping or chicken coop tasks. Take, for instance, the ingenious ‘Kürnikotvör’—a semi-automatic pedal-controlled chicken coop door that reduces your morning workload. This mechanical marvel can be constructed using 3D-printed components, screws and plexiglass. These devices can help you streamline your efforts. Learn more by watching the video about how 3D-printed devices can improve farming efficiency!

Top 4 3D printers to Test in 2023 

3D printing does not have to be for the industrial sector. Everyone can affordably 3D Print from their home. The list below is an excellent resource for the top budget 3d printers in the market as of 2023. From the Elegoo Mars Ultra 4K Mono LCD 3D Printer to the Anycubic Vyper and the Prusa MK3S+, you’re bound to find something to meet you’re 3D printing needs. The general range for these cost effective 3D printers can vary anywhere from $100 – $400 depending on region, manufacturer, and quality. These printers are ideal for those who want to get started with 3D printing.

Top 5: 3D Printed Rocket Car

The 3D printed RC Rocket Car was made using a combination Traxxas electronics, mini servos a Noble NB4 radio, Estes rocket motors and other parts. The video below shows the benefits and limitations of a 3D-printed rocket car and the preparation required to build one. Do you have a 3D printed rocket car on your bucket-list? You can find out more by clicking the link.


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