Top 5 3D Printing Videos: Food 3D Printing with Natural Machines

Natural Machines video interview

We are glad to present our top 5 3D printing videos for the week. Spring is here, and so is our content. This week, we have an exciting selection ranging from technical comparisons of different techniques, to practical applications of 3D printing to create smart products with the hope of improving the life of the user – in this case, a 3D printed smart insole. Also, we have a 3Dnatives original Video and a #3dinterview about food 3D printing using Natural Machines. We hope you enjoy.

Top 1: Natural Machines in Food 3D Printering

In addition to bringing you the top videos, we also proudly present original content created by our studio. Lynette Kucsma from Natural Machines was our interview this week. She is a company that makes 3D printing a reality in the health and wellness sector. She spoke about 3D printing food products for local production. The firm’s printer, allowing people to take this step, is named ‘Foodini’. She spoke out about the similarities between 3D-printed and traditional food and how she believes that this technology will become the norm for making products.


Top 2: Cost Comparison between FDM vs SLA/SLS

Our second video of the week is for the technical enthusiasts – a cost comparison of 3 different printing techniques for plastics, FDM, SLA, and SLS. This video will give you an overview of all the variables that can impact the cost. They first look at equipment ownership. This is the cost of the printer as well as the cost of service contracts, maintenance and installation. Then they give an estimate of each option. The cost of consumables and materials are also included. There are also labor costs, such as set-up, maintenance and post-processing. Overall – FDM will be cheapest for simple prototypes in low numbers, whereas SLS is the most cost-effective for medium to large volumes of higher quality parts.

Top 3: 3D-Printed insoles Track Weight Bearing

3D printing plays a key role in the development and manufacture of customized products. Some fabricators even incorporate electronics to create intelligent products. We learn from this video that scientists from ETH Zurich, Empa (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), and EPFL [Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne] have developed smart 3D printed soles. The insoles feature sensors to measure pressure in the shoe, allowing them to detect whether the person is walking, running, climbing stairs – or even carrying something heavy. The researchers envision the product to be used in physiotherapy to measure the person’s progress.

Top 4: Full Body 3D Scanner

Although 3D printing is the most common topic in these videos, 3D scanning is another important technique in this industry. It produces high-quality models that can be analyzed. Scantech is a 3D scanning company that has demonstrated how to scan the entire body using their iReal 2E. As you can see, the scanner scans are virtually invisible and can adapt to all features of the body, including hairstyles and hair colors. The second part of the video shows the scanner in action.

Top 5: 3D printing for organ transplants

3D printing in mainstream media is a great way to spread innovation and technology outside the industry. This video features the application of 3D printing technology for organ transplants. Dr Akshay Syal is interviewed and tells us how it works, as well as what the future holds. He says that this could help solve the problem of transplant shortages. However, he reminds us that 3D bioprinted organs can be used to replace immunosuppressant medications. The doctor provides a concise and easy explanation of how bioprinting works. He believes that we are only 10 years away from making this a reality.

What did you think of this week’s selection of 3D printing videos, including our 3Dnatives original interview on Natural Machines’ food 3D printing? Let us know in a comment below or on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages! Don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly Newsletter here, the latest 3D printing news straight to your inbox! You can also find all our videos on our YouTube channel.

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