Solukon expands compatibility of newly patented SFP770 unpacking and cleaning station

Solukon SFP770 is now compatible with build boxes. EOS Manufacturing systems for SLS in the P 1 and 5 series. 

Solukon claims that this will allow it to tap new markets for polymer post-processing.

Andreas Hartmann, CEO and CTO of Solukon, said: “We’ve received several requests for a post-processing system, especially for the EOS P 500. Since the EOS P 500 is a standard plastic printer, our SFP770 post processing system paired with the correct adapter is now available to a much larger user base.”

The SFP770’s construction begins with the buildbox being placed into the system using a lift truck. The box is covered with a vibrating sieve cover. This covers the box and allows it to rotate gently overhead, seperating the components from the powder.

The sieve cover is removed from the powder and the powder is taken out of the sieve. The build box is now able to rotate towards the basket, opening the sieve cover. The cover can now be used as a slide to allow the parts to slide into the basket.

Once the components have been transferred to the basket, the new build box can then be loaded into the system. The first batch of components is cleaned in the second part of the system. The basket rotates in the direction of the blasting machine, and the automated process involves glass bead blasting and ionised oxygen to remove any residual powder.

Solukon presented the SFP770 late 2020 as a post processing system to plastic parts produced by a P7 series EOS printer. 

The company says it was approached by an automotive industry customer with a request to be able to both unpack and clean polymer components automatically, without the user coming into contact with the plastic powder. The SFP770 was then introduced.

Hartmann added: “We expect plastics manufacturing to trend strongly towards a focus on post-processing, because it constitutes the decisive step in determining if something is truly manufactured in series or not. It is possible to optimize a manufacturing process for serial production, but it will not be true serial production if subsequent processing fails to meet the same high standards. 

“At Solukon, we therefore expect to see an increased demand for automated unpacking and cleaning stations. We are ready to automate loading and unloading. We are currently in discussions with system suppliers and manufacturers from around the world. We are proud to be able to participate in the future of additive manufacturing in this area.”

In October 2022, Solukon launched the SPR-Pathfinder software for intelligent depowdering.

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