Runtime Error 482 Windows 10 (Printer Error) – Steps To Resolve


Runtime error 482 usually appears when you try to print a Windows document. This error is caused visually by Visual Basic’s “Printform” component.

The majority of “runtime” errors occur due to problems in the Visual Basic or adjoining applications. Most errors result from code inconsistency (referencing variables that do not exist) or problems referencing particular libraries.

It doesn’t matter if you are actively using Visual Basic.

There are many steps that you can take to resolve the problem. However, many people resort to “workarounds” to keep it from happening. You should be able to solve the problem using the steps in this tutorial.


The following messages are typical for the error message:

  • “Run-time error ‘482’: Printer Error”
  • “Run-time error 486”: Could not print from this printer’s form image
  • “Printer Error”

It is important to understand that the error was caused by a library in computing. A library is basically a piece or code that allows developers to access certain functionality without having to rewrite existing code.

Libraries have been around since the dawn of computing. Modern computers can run 1,000s of libraries at once, providing high-level functionality for a variety of applications. PrintForm is an example of such a library.

Most likely, your system won’t have the “Printform library” installed. It may be very old. This causes the error to appear. You may also find that your printer or any associated drivers are damaged.


Here are the steps to solving the problem

  1. In VBA, Remove PrintForm References
    If this error is occurring because of a Visual Basic-powered program (including VBA), it’s important to get rid of all references to the PrintForm part. This can be done by replacing it with the Win32 API. It is an updated version in Visual Basic of the printing library. It should be possible to start printing with Windows 10 applications, if done correctly.
  2. Install Printer Drivers
    Visual Basic/VBA is not required, so you will need to make sure that your printer drivers have been updated. The best way to do this is to fully “uninstall” the printer from your system and let Windows Update find the correct drivers (contrary to previous versions of Windows, the latest Windows Update is actually very good & effective). Simply press Windows+S keys to open Device Manager. Then, select the first option. After you have opened Device Manager, click on the printer you are experiencing problems with and then click “Uninstall”. After uninstalling, restart your PC. If the printer is working, it should add it again.
  3. SFC allows you to clear out your system files
    If the above does not work, it *could* be a problem with the core system files of your computer. You can fix it using an inbuilt mechanism (SFC // Systemfile Checker). You can do this by pressing Windows+S keys and typing “CMD” into your keyboard. Right-click the first option and choose “Run as administrator”. This will open the black/white CMD window. Into it, type “sfc /scannow”. This will scan the system and fix any problems.
  4. Switch to using other printer settings
    If none of the above works, you may need to switch to a different printer. Switching from “Print to pdf” is the best way to do this.

Source: Richard Peck

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