Printer Guide – Laser, Inkjet, Dot Matrix, and Plotter

Computer printers come in many sizes, colors, and price points. There are many differences between the different types of computer printer technology. They all offer different image quality, print speeds, affordability, sustainability, noise, and even noise. Inkjets, plotters, dot matrices, lasers. What does this all mean? Laser printers can be used to copy photos using the same toner-based technology. These printers, named after their laser-based toner, use precise lasers to attach the toner to the paper by using heat and pressure. Although laser printers are more expensive than other printers, the investment is worthwhile. Laser printers are well-known for their high quality and fast printing, as well as the low cost per copy. Spending more on a laser can save you money over the long-term if you print a lot. Laser printers are great for students and small businesses, thanks to the high-quality images and speed they produce.

Inkjet printers use liquid instead of toner. They spray very tiny droplets onto the paper. Because of their low initial costs, these printers are most popular among consumers. Inkjets are slower than lasers and take longer for liquid inks to dry. However, they print quietly and some printers (called photo printers) have extra pigment to allow them to print a wider range of colors. These printers can print on both high-quality photo paper and card stock, as well as regular office papers. Inkjet printers are less expensive than lasers. However, this means that consumers will need to purchase more ink cartridges. An inkjet can produce high-quality images in very precise colors. If you aren’t concerned about having to renew your ink cartridges often or if you won’t be printing frequently, it could be the right choice for you.

Dot matrix printers have a print head that moves back and forth across a page, striking a ribbon of ink against the paper. This impact printing function is similar to a typewriter. It can copy carbon or carbonless. Dot matrix printers allow you to print lettering without having to be fixed like a traditional typewriter. A dot matrix allows you to create any type of font by using little dots that form shapes similar to a Lite-Brite. Dot matrix printers can be equipped with multiple printer heads, allowing for rapid printing. This allows you to cover the entire page in no time. These printers can produce high volumes of output and are well-known for their flexibility and ease of use. They also have the advantage of carbon copying.

These plotters can be used to print flyers and posters on large pieces of paper. They are very fast and produce excellent images. The best choice for professional printing, which requires high quality imagery and precise detail on a large scale is the plotter. Plotters come with time-saving features, such as continuous adjustments. These can reduce interruptions and improve quality and reliability.

Source: Jessica Mousseau

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