Joker Actor Teases His Next Appearance

In the midst of Matt Reeves’s news The Batman Barry Keoghan addressed his hopes of returning to the Robert Pattinson-led franchise, Joker, by discussing Universe co-existing alongside the new DCU. 

This isn’t the first time that the actor has responded to questions regarding his return. Especially since his Joker character was rarely seen and even uncredited in the 2022 film. His future as an actor is in doubt.  

It is a fact that The Batman Universe isn’t just secure; it is expanding with sequels, spin-offs, and so the question of Keoghan retaining his title as Joker becomes a different one. 

Now, the Eternals Star shared his thoughts on the rising odds of his reprisal. 

The Batman’s Joker on Returning to Reeves Universe

Joker in The Batman deleted scene

Happy Sad Confused’s Josh Horowitz wanted to know if Barry Keoghan would be willing to reprise his role as Joker. The Batman The actor admitted that he had never seen the sequel. “Love another crack”

“Obviously, I would love another crack. He’s done a lot of work on me. I will not deny them the opportunity, but they call.

When asked his opinion on what he would do if the opportunity presented itself, he said that he would make the best decision. “the call,” Not only did the actor reply with “Definitely,” But he said that he did have “a few more things” [he’d] Love to bring” to the next role:

“Definitely. Definitely. Yes, I do. I have a few more things I would love to share. Actually, I do have a half-Moleskin novel that I’ve written in a lot and want to share with others.

Keoghan admitted that he has an affinity for The Killer Joke And even has plans “To laminate a duplicate of it:

“Yeah, Killing Joke Funny enough, my girlfriend bought me a beautiful printer. I plan to laminate another copy. Let’s just say, “Let’s see.”

Finally, Horowitz suggested that his Joker could appear next to the likes Robert Pattinson or Colin Farrell. The Penguin, The Batman 2And even the Arkham Asylum Keoghan declared spin-off “Yeah! I hope so!” …”

Did Keoghan’s Joker Change Matt Reeves’ Mind?

These are the following The BatmanMatt Reeves, who made his theatrical debut as Barry Keoghan’s Joker, described it as “a pre-Joker Joker” And claimed that he was only there for Paul Dano’s role as the Riddler. 

Some fans wonder if there could be a future fight with Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

Reeves film focused on Batman’s early days and it was because of the many preexisting big-screen Jokers that it made sense for Reeves to avoid Batman’s most infamous adversary in 2022.

However, over the following months, the deleted scene that featured Keoghan more as the villain received millions of views. This resulted in his version earning a high ranking spot on the list for best on-screen Jokers. 

Kegohan’s upcoming return seems unlikely. This is due to the increasing number of Joker appearances. 

It is known that the actor keeps a notebook full of ideas and even laminates them. The Killing Joke This is also suggested. 

He was careful to share only his hopes and optimism for revenge, but his comment doesn’t seem out of place. “I won’t speak …” anymore” You suggest that he has something to offer?

As the DCU and Reeves reboots get underway, fans can expect confirmation and additional information. 

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