How to Select the Best Laser Printer

Understanding the basics of printers is essential before you can choose the right laser printer for your needs. There are two ways that a printer can produce a photo. An inkjet printer sprays very small amounts of ink onto paper, while a laser printer uses powdered ink to print a picture. The paper is then charged with an electric current drum. An inkjet printer is better if you need to print graphics or photos and less text-based documents. If you are looking to print many text-based documents, however, a laser printer may be the best choice.

It is important to choose the right printer for you. If you print a lot of documents, an inkjet printer will cost you more than a laser printer over the life of the printer.

Monochrome and Color Laser Printers

For less than $150, you can get a black-and-white laser printing device. These printers are typically more affordable and less expensive to maintain than inkjet ones. The cost of a color laser printer can be quite high, so it’s worth considering an inkjet printer instead. While a color laser printer’s initial investment for color toner cartridges increases, the price per page will be lower than that of an inkjet printer. Some color laser printers can print photos, but the quality of the prints will be significantly worse than those made by inkjet printers. If you are determined to print photos, an inkjet printer is recommended.

High Quality Print

While a laser printer can produce sharp and precise text output when used with simple graphics (grayscale), it does not mean that you have to ignore resolution specifications. The printer resolution is typically measured in dots per inches. Higher resolution printers will produce crisper and sharper print jobs. That is why  it is worth taking into consideration if you will print graphics. The monochrome/grayscale resolution of a laser printer is 1200 by 1200, 600 by 600 or 600 by 600. However, these scales can be used to print text and graphics. Color laser printing devices have a resolution often of 2400 by 1200. This increases the quality of the colour print.

Printer Memory

Memory space determines the speed at which your printer prints and the quality of the prints that it produces. Laser technology allows you to print documents from memory. You can print at a higher resolution and faster speed if you have more memory. If you have high-resolution work to print but don’t have enough memory, the printer automatically sets the resolution. This allows you to test the actual printer’s capabilities.

Memory space upgrades are very affordable. Therefore, if you’re looking for a laser printer that can upgrade memory, it is worth checking for one with memory space upgrades. This is particularly important if the printer will be used to network with other users in your company. A majority of high-end laser printing devices have 64MB or more memory. You should consider purchasing a laser printer with 128MB of memory if your business has many print jobs. Consider buying the model with extra memory if speed is a key factor.

Source: Putra Ramadhan

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