How to Recycle Your Epson Printer Cartridges

If the Epson printer cartridge is not properly disposed of, it can lead to pollution. Recycling Epson printer cartridges is a good idea for both your benefit and the protection of the environment. You can find more information about the situation here. More than 400 million empty Epson cartridges end up in landfills or incinerators. This means that an ink cartridge is a mountain of waste. You should not dispose of an Epson cartridge without considering the consequences. Here are some tips to help you recycle your Epson printer cartridge.

Recycling inkjet cartridges can earn you decent amounts of money, to be honest. Instead of throwing your Epson cartridge into the trash, you can recycle it and make money, which is crucial given our economic woes. These inkjet cartridges can be recycled by being sold to recycling centers, which usually refill them with ink and resell them on the market under third party ink brands.

First, make sure your cartridges can be sold

They only accept OEM cartridges in inkjet cartridge recycling centers. How can you tell if the cartridge is OEM? It is an OEM cartridge if it has not been recycled and it still displays the logo of the cartridge (e.g. Epson cartridge). Your Epson printer cartridge, that you thought you would just throw away, now falls under OEM. This means it can be recycled and made money.

You should handle the Epson cartridge with care before you send it off to the recycling centre. The recycling center will give you specific instructions on how to handle empty printer ink cartridges.

These rules must be followed in order to recycle.

You will be able to recycle your Epson printer cart and sell it. Inkjet cartridges that have been damaged are not accepted by recycling centers.

An ink cartridge should have a contact area that is securely attached to its case.

The flex tape is located under the Epson printer cartridge. The flex tape must be securely glued to the cartridge.

A small nozzle plate can be seen under the Epson cartridge. It should not have any cracks or holes.

If you have followed these instructions, please send your Epson cartridge in its entirety to the recycling centre.

You can also recycle printer ink refills by yourself.

You can still reuse your Epson cartridge even if you don’t plan to recycle it. How? It is simple. You can buy refill inks that inject ink into your Epson cartridge. These ink refills can be purchased at printer ink shops. You can still recycle these refills by not having to dispose of the plastic that makes up the ink cartridge.

Source by John C Arkinn

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