How to get arrows in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest This is the sequel to the horror survival game The Forest and places you in the shoes of an unnamed character sent to a “remote island to rescue a billionaire.” But upon arrival, you’re engulfed in a “cannibal-infested hellscape.”

The new survival game is out now for just a little more than two weeks. However, many players have taken their time and enjoyed every aspect of the game, whether they are new to it or just taking it slow. Sons of the Forest Have a look at what the world has to offer.

One of the most important basic tasks you’ll need to learn to survive in Sons of the Forest‘s terrifyingly dangerous world is making arrows to defend yourself with.

How to get arrows into your hand Sons of the Forest

There are several ways to get arrows in. Sons of the Forest Some methods are easier than others, so we’ll start with the least challenging of the bunch.

The easiest way to get your hands arrows is in Sons of the Forest You can make them with four small or large rocks, two sticks and two feathers. Once you’ve gathered the required materials, combine them in your backpack and hit the cogwheel to create five arrows.

You can make arrows by using a 3D printer, which is available in underground dungeons throughout the island. To make arrows using a 3D Printer, you’ll need 50 ml of resin to create a single batch.

Be aware that you’ll need to return to the 3D Printer to make more arrows whenever you run out, so we’d recommend setting up a base near an underground dungeon with it if you plan on using 3D-printed resin arrows a lot.

The final and third way to obtain arrows is through the mail. Sons of the Forest is by looting them from containers found all over the game’s world. This is also how you get the carbon-fiber arrow. It’s a direct upgrade of the standard stone arrow and offers more accuracy and range.

To make use of your newly acquired arrows, you’ll need a bow, which can be crafted using two sticks, one tape, and one rope. Simply pull out your bow and click right-click to draw an archer. If you wish to change your arrow type, look down towards the ground and press “R” to swap them around.

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