How to find your printer IP address and WPS PIN

You may need the IP address of your printer or its WPS PIN in order to manage and set it up. This information can be used to connect Wi-Fi. You can find out the IP address for any printer from HP, Epson Canon Brother.

Even if you purchase the best printers, this information may be hidden deep in menu settings.

A group of four numbers, separated by periods, allows wireless access via a browser to your printer settings and information. WPS (WiFi Protected setup) PIN is an eight-digit code that allows you to connect a printer wirelessly without the need for a password.

Even printers made by the same manufacturer have different methods of finding your printer’s details. Find out where to look and how to locate the information you require.

How to find the IP address of your printer on Windows

If you know where to search, it’s very easy to find the IP address for your printer. Information is buried in Settings.

Step 1 Press here to see the list of all our products. Windows-I Key combination to open The following are the most effective ways to reduce your risk of injury.. Choose the Bluetooth & devices Tab to then Printers & scanners.

A screenshot of Windows Settings, showing how to get to Printer options.

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Step 2 Select Device information Then, you can get in touch with us. More information Click on the link to view details about a printer. Look for the “clickable link” labeled Webpage. Write down any group of numbers that looks like a IP address. An IP address is “”, for example. Sometimes, the IP address of a printer will start with “192.168.2, but it is not always that way.

A screenshot of Windows Settings, showing how to see a printer's IP address.

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Step 3 If you are unsure, please contact us. Website Click the link if the page looks different. This will open the server page of the printer in your web browser. In the Network section, you can find your printer’s address. Log in and search around to find the correct subsection.

The IP address might be in shown in the printer's web server.

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How to find the IP address of your printer on a Mac

Mac users can access printer information through System Settings.

Step 1 Apple Menu – Select System SettingScroll down to choose Printers & Scanners From the sidebar.

How to find macOS Ventura printer settings.

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Step 2 Select the printer from the list and then click Options & Supplies to see more details.

A screenshot of macOS Settings, showing a printer's Options button.

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Step 3 You may not be able to see your printer’s name. IP address. Select Show Printer Webpage.

A screenshot of macOS Settings, showing a printer's Web Page button.

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Step 4 Safari will now open a new tab and you can navigate to your printer’s website. Network You can also read about the IP address.

An example of a printer web page in Safari, showing a printer's Network tab and IP address.

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You can find your printer’s IP from the mobile app

The mobile app provides printer information from most printer manufacturers.

Step 1 Tap on the printer that you want to select. Printer information You can also find out more about Network Browse connected printers for more information.

Three screenshots provide an example of finding IP address in Brother's mobile app.

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Step 2 You can find your printer’s IP by browsing through the information. This information may be labeled IP address You might also see four numbers such as “”, which you should write down.

Three screenshots provide an example of finding IP address in HP's mobile app.

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How to find the IP address of your printer

In the printer’s menu, you can find your IP address under network settings. You may find it difficult to navigate on a small display, but with patience and persistence, you will be able to locate the IP address.

Step 1 Look through the menu options on your printer. Search for options such as Network, Connectivity, Wireless, Web services, Wi-FiIf you want to know more about a specific topic, please click on the link. WLAN section.

A finger points to a printer's Connectivity menu setting.

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Step 2 In those settings you will find a TCP/IP Section or a grouping of four numbers IP You can also find out more about IP address. “”, as an example, is an IP Address.

A printer's IP address is shown in menu settings.

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How to find the WPS PIN of your printer

In most cases, the WPS PIN is located in the same section of the printer’s settings as the IP address. The section about finding the IP address of your printer is located above. You can use the same tips to find your WPS pin.

A finger navigates a printer's menus to find the WPS PIN setting.

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Double-check that your printer is wireless if you cannot find the IP address or PIN. Search the internet or the manual using the model number. Some printers need a direct Ethernet cable or USB connection to a router or computer.

WPS may not be supported by your printer, even if you have Wi-Fi. Some printers come with a WPS switch. You can check the manual of your printer or do an internet search for the wireless features.

You may be able to resolve your printer problems by using our troubleshooting guide.

WPS dangers

Contrary the name of Wi-Fi Protected Setup, it is less secure than standard password protected Wi-Fi. A PIN of eight digits is easier to crack for hackers than Wi-Fi Passwords which are usually longer and can include letters, numbers and symbols.

You can connect via Wi-Fi if that is an option. If you do not need WPS, security experts suggest disabling it on your router.

You can check the ink or toner level, update firmware, or access printer settings using your IP address.

WPS is an outdated technology and has little value. If your printer comes with a WPS button, it can be easier to connect than using passwords. It is often easier to use a mobile app for the printer and a smartphone. The WPS PINs used by printers are not secure and should be avoided if at all possible.

Contact your printer’s manufacturer for assistance if you are still unable to find the network information that you require after reading this guide.

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