Gen Z workers struggle with office tech

Gen Z is often viewed as a tech-savvy generation because of the fact that they are used to using smartphones and other gadgets. Recent studies have shown that, contrary to popular belief and stereotypes, people aged between 18 and 26 find it difficult to use office equipment. Many people of that generation had problems with video conference apps such as Google Meet and printers.

Gen Z is often criticized for its obsession with apps and gadgets. This age group is the future of global employment. We must help them advance in their careers to improve their country.

This article will discuss why studies say Gen Z employees face “tech shame” in the workplace. Next, I will discuss how to help these individuals overcome these challenges.

Why does Gen Z struggle in the workplace?

Illustration of a diverse group of workers, including Gen Z individuals, discussing office-related challenges.

Hewlett-Packard was one of the tech companies that studied this trend amongst young workers. HP calls their problem “tech shame,” defining how overwhelming young people feel using office tools.

According to its study, “1 in 5 young office workers feel judged when experiencing tech issues.” In contrast, only 1 to 25 of their mature colleagues have this issue.

Gen Z employees are “10x more likely to feel shame in these scenarios than their older peers. Dell Technologies also conducted a study of the same nature.

Fast Company reports that this tech company surveyed more than 15,000 people between 18 and 26 years old in 15 countries. Discover the key findings in this article:

  • Around 50% of Gen Z workers are willing to endure short-term pain for long-term gains if legislators invest in solutions. Only a third of Gen Z workers believe that current government investments will lead to a flourishing digital industry.
  • 44% of the respondents in this group said that schools only teach rudimentary skills on computers.
  • Generation Z is a group of young people who, according to 40% of them, believe they require new digital skills to be successful in the future. 37% of Generation Z believe that education does not provide them with the necessary technical skills for their desired career.
  • A third of respondents want flexible work and remote work. Another third wants office roles.

What does Gen Z say about technology shaming and blaming?

Illustration of a Gen Z worker holding a sign with the words 'Tech Shaming' and a group of diverse coworkers listening attentively.

The Guardian and other news outlets interviewed Gen Z workers for a deeper understanding of this trend. The Guardian, for instance, asked 25-year-old Garrett Bemiller his opinion.

NY Publicist Bemiller said that he was familiar with screens, but had difficulty with the office printer. Bemiller said, “Things like scanners and copy machines are complicated.”

“It kept coming out as a blank page, and it took me a couple of times to realize that I had to place the paper upside-down in the machine for it to work,” he added.

He accidentally damaged a laptop at work because he never read the pop-ups that appeared from Dropbox, a cloud storage service. The computer then slowed down to a crawl. His company asked IT staff for a check and replaced the mobile computer.

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Bemiller has inadvertently allowed Dropbox to back up all files on the computer’s disk. The app also gave permission for the laptop to backup to Dropbox. “It was constantly backing up everything onto itself,” he said.

“Murdering that poor laptop is still so funny to me,” the publicist added. Even people slightly older than Gen Z have problems with office tools.

Max Simon, 29, a content creator at a Toronto-based business, told The Guardian that he was frustrated. “When I see a printer, I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’ It seems like I’m uncovering an ancient artifact,” he added.

How can Gen Z workers be helped to adapt?

Sarah Dexter is an associate professor of Education at the University of Virginia. She explained the trend. “There is a myth that kids were born into an information age, and this all comes intuitively to them.”

“But that is not realistic. How would they know how to scan something if they’ve never been taught how to do it?” Dexter added. The Guardian explained Gen Z employees typically use mobile apps.

This age group knows how to edit videos and images on their phones. This group of people knows how to create websites using Wix and Squarespace.

Google also offers tools for remote work planning

TikTok is so simple to use, even children with poor reading abilities can begin using it. Office machines, such as scanners and printers, are more difficult to use. They are often so complex that they come with manuals.

A brand new smartphone can be used in just a few seconds. Dell Technologies is aware of the problem, and sees other institutions as a solution. Forbes was advised to take these steps by Dell Technologies:

  • Collaboration between universities and tech companies is needed to create online platforms for self-paced upskilling. These platforms will offer courses that complement classroom learning by providing essential digital skills.
  • Coding boot camps, apprenticeships and other tech-related programs can help Gen Z workers improve their tech literacy. More importantly, the latter offers hands-on experience and the chance to work for the world’s leading tech companies.
  • In addition to cybersecurity, cloud computing, and data science certifications, young workers can also obtain the most-in-demand tech skills by 2023.

You can also read our conclusion.

Generation Z will soon become the majority in global employment. We must equip these young and aspiring career-minded people with the digital skills they need to succeed.

They will be able to improve their economic and social status, which will allow them to turbocharge our economies. They can buy more products and services that will boost their business.

A better future for them will lead to a better world. Inquirer Tech will guide you in upgrading your career by learning these digital skills.

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