ELEGOO Neptune 4 3D printer runs at 500mm/s for $259

It’s no surprise that ELEGOO is updating its 3D printing line with new models that have some pretty impressive features. Bambu Labs seems to have started a revolution in which many manufacturers focus on making their 3D printers faster. Normally, FDM printers are limited to speeds between 100 and 150mm/s. However, in order to keep up with the competition the Neptune 4 Pro from ELEGOO is capable of reaching a maximum speed 500mm/s. This puts it on par with printers made by other manufacturers. The Neptune 4/Pro appears to be a solid printer with a number of features. These include network printing, an auto leveling system that has 121 points, and Klipper. Plus, with the Saturn line now bringing 12K printers to affordable price points on the LCD side of things, today’s ELEGOO announcements are shaping up to be pretty impressive all around. Below the fold, you’ll find all the information we have about the newest ELEGOO printers.

ELEGOO introduces 500mm/s Printing to the Budget Market

Until now, if you wanted what I’d call “hyper-fast printing,” it was gonna cost several hundred dollars. Bambu Labs’ P1P costs $699 and the Creality K1 $599. Other offerings by lesser-known brands cost a little less. ELEGOO’s entry-level printer, the 500mm/s Printer, is now only $599. $259 Pre-launch Sale: $280 normal price. There are many things to love about the ELEGOO Neptune 4, and its print speed is only the beginning.

You’ll also get an 11×11 grid auto-leveling system (121 points) with auxiliary manual leveling should the need arise. On top of that, the system comes with Klipper preinstalled, something that’s becoming more common on 3D printers as manufacturers move away from the older Marlin firmware that’s been used for years. There’s also a 300C high-temp dual-gear direct drive extruder here to push out various filaments like PETG, PLA, ABS, and TPU onto the 225x225x265 bed. It also has USB and LAN options.

Now, upgrading to the ELEGOO Neptune 4 Pro gives a few benefits and doesn’t cost a whole lot. You’ll most notably get the ability to leverage an intelligent segmented heat bed, which can detect how large a print will be and only heat that portion of the bed. It can help you save electricity, and it will benefit you if your prints are small.

ELEGOO also updated its MSLA/LCD printing devices today. Saturn 3 and Mars have been upgraded to the next generation with a host of new features. Starting with the Saturn 3 and 3 Ultra, you’ll find that this premium printer has now been upgraded with a 10-inch 12K mono CLD display boasting a resolution of 11520×5120. It will allow you to produce even better and more lifelike prints at home. The Saturn 3 Ultra is capable of reaching printing speeds of up to 150mm per hour, which is “three times faster” than previous Saturn products, and “outperforms other peer products in the market.”

Moving onto the Mars 4 and 4 Ultra, you’ll find that the more budget-friendly model has now been upgraded with a 9K screen, offering a resolution of 8520×4320. Other than that, you’ll find a lot of similar functionality to the Saturn 3 here, just in a more budget-friendly package.

Both the new Saturn and Mars printers are also compatible with ELEGOO’s just-released Mars Mate, which is an air purifier for resin printers. This makes it easier and safer to use resin 3D Printers.

Pre-orders are now live for all of ELEGOO’s latest releases. The Neptune 4 is priced at £49.99 $259While the 4 Pro will be running $299 The Mars 4 9K is now available for purchase. $259Upgrade to the 4 Ultra when you upgrade. $309. Saturn 3 12K, however, will cost a little more. $399 The 3 Ultra is a full $499.

9to5Toys’ Take

For me, the idea that I can have a $259 3D printer that reliably prints at 250mm/s up to 500mm/s blows my mind. I have two 3D Printers I use as a hobby. They are capped at 100mm/s, but they usually print in the 60mm/s area. So, being able to nearly print five times faster than before is pretty wild – and for such a budget-friendly price.

I’m really excited for what 2023 is bringing to the 3D printer space. It feels like for years it’s been pretty stagnant, and only minor updates have been made to printers, like moving from a Bowden tube to direct drive, adding auto leveling, or built-in Wi-Fi. But with printers now seeing real-world performance improvements like this, I’m very excited for what the future holds for consumer 3D printing.

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