Copier Printer Scanner Features – Terms and Accessories

Over the last three years, copier printing has evolved to include all industries. There are now standard accessories for many models of copier. It is important to understand the features of your copier and what you need to use it. What is an ADF (automatic documents feeder), or DADF? The ADF (or DADF) is located on top of your copier scanner. It allows you to scan, fax or copy a stack of paper to computer. Some copier brands still offer this option. This option is not required for all machines. The feeder can hold up to 50 pages, some up to 100 pages at a time on your multifunction or digital copier.

What does digital sorting look like on Ricoh, sharp and Ricoh copiers (and other brands as well)? Since 2005, all brands of multifunction and color copiers have offered digital sorting. Digital sorting is when each copy, print, or fax job is “offset” (shifted to one side). This feature doesn’t limit the number or types of documents your copier can sort. You can limit the number of slots if you have an external copier mailbox finisher. What is a duplex device? A duplex unit allows your digital copier to do double-sided printing and copying. This option is available on certain brands. The standard option is available on older models (less than 3 years). You can print using the menu keys on business class copiers (Canons Sharp, Ricoh and Kyocera): one-sided to one side; one to two copies; two to four copying; two to four printing.

What options are available for paper drawers? All business class copiers come with two paper drawers. One drawer is usually included with personal copiers at the lower end. Each paper drawer “cassette”, can handle several sizes papers, including A4 and 11×17. Most models are capable of handling sizes A4-Living. The majority of digital copier drawers in the mid-range range can handle paper sizes up to 11 x 17. Paper Cassette drawer Options include: Extra paper drawers (feeders), up to 3,000 sheets on certain models of copiers. Standard copier paper drawers can hold 500 sheets of paper. A bypass tray may be required if you are printing heavy paper stock. Can copier printers be green to save electricity? Most recent models of digital copier scanners have an energy-compliant power save mode. Power save mode has been a standard feature on all digital copier scanners, regardless of whether it is being requested by governments or end users. In other words, the color copier will wait for copier jobs to be processed before turning on its power. It powers up again quickly after it has received a job. This saves money and reduces your electrical costs.

Are all copier scanners equipped with fax? This option is not usually included in a standard copier accessory. You can send and receive faxes with this copier. With most photocopiers, you can fax to emails and fax computers. You will need to setup mail boxes and install the software for each computer in your network. What security features are available for billing and client tracking? These are all skills lawyers excel at. Lawyers charge clients for each piece of paper they produce using their copier scanner. The digital photocopier security measures allow them to track the number of pages produced. Access codes can be assigned to most machines. Each client, employee or department can be assigned a copier access code. Once the printers are set up, you need to input a security key before any job can be printed or copied.

Print an access report after the billing period is over to see all pages copied or printed for each access code. Are you unsure what you need? Ask questions! Don’t listen to salespeople who are only interested in selling. The color printer copier options and features are specific to a particular purpose. Don’t assume that the digital copier scanner can do everything you need. Ask for the specification sheet.

Source: Mike Klein

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