2023 CES Products You Can Get This Year

CES, the biggest global consumer electronics trade show, is a central hub for all the latest technology and teases new ideas that aren’t quite ready to go. From Electric cars To foldable smartphonesThere’s always something new that pushes consumer tech in a new direction. 

Although these concept products may not see the light of day in reality, there are still a few. Products from CES 2023 Some products are available for preordering or to buy immediately. Others are due later in 2023 with unknown ship dates. Here’s a list of products you can order or purchase now, as well as some products coming later this year.


The Ring Car Cam, first announced in 2012, is now available for pre-order. It is more expensive than many dashcams but it has excellent extra features that make the Ring Car Cam stand out. It can also be used to record a quick video by saying “Alexa, Record” which will record both front-facing as well as cabin-facing cameras. 

If the car isn’t in motion, the Car Cam can act as a car alert and notify you of large movements within the vehicle. The Ring app lets you speak directly to the person inside the car using your voice. Preorder prices start at $200 and go up to $250 for the regular retail price. Shipping will begin in February.

Ry Crist

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Snapmaker is well-known for their 3-in-1 manufacturing machines which combine 3D printers with laser cutters and CNC machines. The J1 however, is the first standalone 3D Printer from the company. The J1 is sleek and futuristic in design, with acrylic doors as well as a removable aluminum roof. This machine embodies the quality you would expect from Snapmaker. 

The J1 3D printer uses IDEX technology. The J1 3D printer is an IDEX machine. It can have two printheads. One printhead can print one model at a time, while the other can print both independently and together. The printer is extremely fast, and you can even print two identical models simultaneously by using the mirror option. 

— James Bricknell


Unistellar, which announced Tuesday at CES a new model in their smart digital telescope line, the Equinox 2 for $2,499, will start shipping in March. It can now take better photos than its predecessor thanks to software updates and an image sensor.

Compared with the first-generation Equinox, the new model increases sensor resolution from 4.9 megapixels to 6.2 megapixels, takes better planet photos and offers a wider field of view, said Franck Marchis, Unistellar’s chief scientific officer and an exoplanet astronomer at the SETI Institute.

— Stephen Shankland

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Nvidia unveiled the GeForce RTX-4080 Ti GPU at CES. This GPU was a flop. This GPU is targeted at gamers who want maximum 1440p, and creatives who don’t have the budget for the higher-end RTX4080 or RTX4090 commands. Based on the Asus GeForce RTX4070Ti OC version that I tested, it is a winner within its price range.

— Lori Grunin

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FluentPet has an app that records your responses to your pet’s pushes. The speaker is also larger than the low-quality, small-sized ones found in each button. It should be easier for your pet to communicate their needs. FluentPet also offers an older system called FluentPet Connect. This allows you to easily grow your network.

FluentPetConnect is available for pre-order now. Shipping will begin in February.

— James Bricknell

CES 2023 has a lot of things to offer. We continue to look for different products to add to our collection. Technology’s greatest inventions The latest in accessible game controllers This list will be updated with any new products as they become available. The product is great! Snapmaker J1 — I am the one after all 3D printing CNET is here for the guy — but the Ring Car Cam It is something I could see myself using every day. My dog Indiana Bones could also benefit from this product. FluentPet system.

Additional CES products are planned for 2023 release

Although release dates can change, here are some other notable CES 2023 products currently available for 2023 availability.


  • TCL GoogleTVs: Designed for smoother gaming, with brighter LED and better picture quality mini-LED Backlights TCL TVs – New Run on the Google TV smart device. 
  • Roku Select TVs and Roku Plus Series TVs Coming This Spring Roku The company is introducing its first ever smart television to simplify streaming. Roku Select TVs feature a voice remote and push-to-command controls. Roku Plus TVs have a programmable keyboard. Roku Voice Remote ProThe enables hands-free voice control with the. The prices for HD and 4K TVs range from 24 to 75 inch to $119 to $999.
  • Govee GamingBox: Govee created its AI Gaming Sync Box Kit that is comparable to the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box. The Govee gaming device will be available for purchase sometime in the next year. 

Laptops and computers

  • Gaming laptops Alienware: This set of four includes Powerful gaming laptops Start at $1,799 and begin shipping this winter.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad and ThinkPad: The Lenovo ThinkPadX1 The new model will ship in April and prices start at $1,649. The 16-inch IdeaPad Slim 5/5i will ship in May and retails at $650 for AMD models and $750 by Intel. 
  • HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook & LaptopThese Chromebooks are a popular choice for mainstream tech users. Even those with limited tech skills, they can be used by anyone. HP claims that the Dragonfly Pros are due to ship in the spring. 
  • Razer 18-inch Blade laptops Laptops 18 inches This includes the latest tech like the Intel Core i9 HX 13th-gen chipsets and Nvidia GeForce RTX40 series mobile graphics. These laptops will ship in the first quarter 2023. 


  • Dell UltraSharp32 monitor: 6K resolution, 4K webcam. This Dell monitor is for work It will be in the best possible light and available for purchase by June 30th.
  • Samsung Odyssey displays: This one will require a lot of space on your desk. The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor When it ships later in the year, it will curve at approximately 57 inches.
  • Samsung ViewFinity S9: Samsung’s Displays are now new The ViewFinity S9 will ship in early 2012 and offers professional-level display performance. ViewFinity S9 features a matte screen and supports HDR. It also has HDMI and DisplayPort connections along with USB-C/Thunderbolt.

Smart home products

  • Samsung SmartThings – Coming February This wireless charging station is fast and easy to use This smart home hub is compatible with Matter and will allow you to manage all of your Matter-compatible smart gadgets.
  • Sensor for the Withings U-Scan toilet: This sensor is from Withings The device will attach to the bottom of your toilet bowl and collect urine from you every day. It will also track your nutrition, metabolic information, and menstrual cycles.
  • Bird Buddy’s Hummingbird feeder: Bird Buddy’s latest smart feeder lets you capture flittering Hummingbirds at work near your bird feeder. The feeder takes photos and videos and will ship in 2023. 
  • Schneider Home: This smart home energy management software will help you cut down on your energy consumption in 2023. It creates a simplified way to manage your utilities. Schneider Home System Includes a backup batteries, a solar panel, an inverter, smart electric panel, and smart light switches, sockets, as well as a smart vehicle charger, smart battery, and a smart electrical panel. The system will be available from 2023. 

Accessory and mobile devices

  • Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid Wellbeing Edition: Hybrid Wellness Edition The watch can display your heart rate data and has a two week battery life. 
  • OtterBox OtterGrip case: OtterBox’s new phone case The integrated grip retracts back to allow for MagSafe-car mounting or use of a MagSafe charging station. The OtterGrip Symmetry Series Case ships February 1st and is available on all iPhone 14 models, as well as the base iPhone 13. 
  • HyperX Keycaps: HyperX has announced the release HP’s industrial-color printers can produce 3D printed add-ons. Dress up your keyboard and headsets with cute animals. The first Cozy Cat keycap release will be limited-production. It is available at $20 from HyperX starting in January. You can keep an eye out for more designs throughout the year.
  • JBL Tour Pro 2 – JBL, owned by Samsung is releasing The flagship earbud model The earbuds are noise-cancelling and splash-proof. They also have a battery life of up to 10 hours with the case, 30 hours with the case. These earbuds are now available for purchase at $250. 

Wellness and health

  • Symbodi Mountable Massage Gun: The first ever mountable massage gun, this Symbodi Mountable Massage Gun Symbodi Vertigun All those difficult-to-reach and tense spots are targeted. Preorder the gun now. It will also be available for purchase on Amazon in the latter part of this year. 
  • Acer’s Bicycle Desk: Get some exercise while you sit at your desk Acer’s eKinekt BD 3 bike desk. The bike can be pedaled to charge your devices that are plugged into it. This desk will be available in June. 
  • The Fingertip Blood Pressure Monitor by Valencell: Valencell’s “cuffless”, fingertip blood pressure monitor The FDA has yet to approve the product, so it will not be available until 2023. 
  • Movano Evie Ring: Movano’s brand new wellness ring The ring is more affordable than its competitor Oura Ring. It focuses on female health and provides data on ovulation, menstrual symptoms and other information. The ring will arrive April 2023. 
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